Used Equipment

Used equipment for sale in Statesboro

Buying equipment is extremely expensive. Some pieces can cost tens of thousands of dollars, putting your livelihood in danger for a single purchase. Instead of buying new, you can save a fortune buying used equipment from the reliable team at Arrow Rentals Inc! Contact us today to learn more. 
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Gently used equipment

As an equipment rental service, Arrow Rentals Inc has access to a wide range of equipment for short and long-term leases. Over time, we may sell some gently used but still fully functional equipment, providing deep discounts to homeowners and business owners in need. 

Save big!

Most equipment is sold new, but when you want to save, buying used can be the secret to equipment ownership without the investment. At prices up to 50% off list rates, you can score major deals buying used equipment from the pros at Arrow Rentals Inc!
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Help for your home or business

Are you ready to save? Arrow Rentals Inc offers the best prices on new rentals and used purchases, providing one-stop service for your every equipment need. From lawn care tools to major construction equipment, there's nothing we can't provide. Call or stop by today to see what we have available.
Buy bargain equipment today! (912) 764-5444
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